Advanced Patent Information Course (APIC)


  1. Patent Classification (APIC)
  2. Legal aspects of Patent information (APIC)
  3. Opposition and invalidity (APIC)
  4. Freedom to operate (APIC)
  5. Patent Landscaping (APIC)
  6. Command Language Searching (APIC)
  7. QPIP Exam Training (APIC)

7 modules on advanced patent searches, legal aspects, the accessibility and retrieval of patent information.


Successful innovation is inseparable from the proper use of Patent Information. Patent Information has an essential role in both the legal as the technical-scientific aspects of the innovation process. Good Patent Information Management is of very high value for companies and gives a competitive edge! Get the right knowledge, insights and skills.

GO | School for Information organizes a basic and an advanced course in which these challenges will be addressed. The courses are organised under the auspices of Dutch Patent Information User Group (WON).


  1. Classification
  2. Patent Legal aspects
  3. Patent Landscaping
  4. Command Language Searching
  5. Freedom-to-operate
  6. Opposition and invalidity
  7. QPIP Exam Training


The Advanced Patent Information Course consists of 7 modules. The modules can also be followed seperately as refresher courses. The course will provide students with a solid knowledge of patent information, in general, however, particular attention is given to patent searches, legal aspects, the accessibility and retrieval of patent information.

Training structure 

The course is offered over 17 days (3 hours sessions per day), divided over 3 months, with an additional 7 to 10 hours of study required per week. 

All lessons will be provided in English through online video classes (ZOOM).


Please note: The modules below are not in chronological order!




21-nov-2022  |

- Patent Classification (online)

   9:30 - 12:30   |


- Patent Classification (online)

   9:30 - 12:30


- Patent legal aspects and patent legislation
(on location) 

   9:30 - 16:30


- Patent legal aspects and patent legislation
(on location)

   9:30 - 16:30



- Opposition and invalidity (on location)

   9:30 - 16:30


- Freedom to operate (on location)

   9:30 - 16:30


- Landscaping (on location)

   9:30 - 16:30


- Command Language Searching
(on location)

   9:30 - 12:30


QPIP Exam training (on location)

   9:30 - 16:30



QPIP Exam training (on location)

   9:30 - 16:30


Admission requirements                                                                           

Students must have at least a bachelor degree in a technical-scientific discipline and at least 3 years relevant working experience. 


The APIC course can be concluded by the Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) exam. Training for this exam is included in the course.

Candidates who pass the examination will receive an official certificate and will hold the title Qualified Patent Information Professional.

Registration and costs

The registration cost for the complete course are € 3500,-. This amount includes training materials which are distributed at start of the training.

Registrations are treated in the order received. Places cannot be reserved. However, cancellation of your registration is possible up to 2 weeks before the start of the training and is only accepted in written form.

Your Trainers

The course is developed and provided by a set of experts in their field:
Bart van Wezenbeek

Bettina de Jong

Fredrik Magnusson

Gerben Gieling

Stephen Adams

Ton de Graaff