Patent Landscaping (APIC)

2 in-depth 3 hour sessions on the differences between patent landscape studies and other types of patent searches.



After this training, attendees will understand where patent landscape studies are different from other types of patent searches. They will be able to make conscious choices while conducting the study in order to deliver a suitable answer to the customer’s question in a suitable format.


An overview will be given on the process to generate a patent landscape, including:

  • Intake discussion regarding the request
  • Defining the scope of the patent landscape study
  • Data collection with focus on what is specific for a patent landscape search
  • Data processing, e.g. cleaning up of data and categorisation of documents
  • Analysis of the data
  • Visualization
  • Reporting the patent landscape study


The focus of this module is on how to conduct a patent landscape study, rather than on features of the various (commercial) tools that are available, because the tools are less important than the methodology. Some statistical analyses that are often used in patent landscapes will be presented.


Bettina de Jong