Professional Internet Research (Online, in English)

3 x 3 hours online workshop on how to carry out internet research in an professional, effective and structured way.



In times of Information Overload it is very important to be able to ‘filter’. This is especially true for information specialists who deal with supporting research. The secret of effective and efficient searching for information lies in the skill to formulate a clear research question, a structured approach and the right search strategy. Only when these 3 aspects of search are taken care of it is possible to change your search output form 10 million irrelevant hits tot 500 hits with high relevance.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at information specialists, whose role is to support professors and students with their research.


During this 3  x 3 hours online workshop our lecturer will guide you through the course material in an interactive and practical way to ensure that you not only get the needed knowledge and insight but develop your skills as well.


At the end of the course you will be able to support research in the most effective and efficient way.


This Information Retrieval course covers the following topics:

Part 1:

  • analysing research questions
  • identifying concepts
  • application of thesauri and thesaurusterms
  • internet search
  • basic principles of searching literature
  • building search strategies

Part 2:

  • special applications of the NOT-operator
  • application of internet search engines, like Google Scholar, for scientific purposes
  • translating search strategies from one database to another database (e.g. from PubMed to Embase or Web of Science)
  • managing references and helpful tools, like Zotero, Mendeley and Endnote
  • judging search results
  • ranking and selecting search results

Part 3:

  • presenting self build search strategies
  • future of systematic searching